Cast resin insulators
Cast resin insulators They are manufactured as a one piece construction which eliminates problems with metal fitting failures and brittle fractures typically associated with porcelain and glass insulators. They are resistant to polluted and adverse climatic conditions.
Due to their hydrophobic properties, strength and crack resistance, they are good solution for line insulators.

Basic characteristics:

  • suitable for all kind of weather conditions
  • dielectric strength
  • lower losses
  • thermal shock resistance
  • puncture and impact resistant
  • easy installation and maintenance
Producer Filter
Product code Name Producer
NYMK_99_228 Cast resin insulator 20kV, NYMK 99/228, L=210 mm, IVEP 24/A, (ПАМ20), Nyir-Mix Nyir-Mix
NYMK_99_253 Cast resin insulator 20kV, NYMK 99/253, L=260 mm, ETB 24/B, (ПАК20), Nyir-Mix Nyir-Mix
NYMK_ETB12 Cast resin insulator 12kV, L=130 mm, ETB 12/B, (ПAM10), Nyir-Mix Nyir-Mix
NYMK_IVEP_12_A Cast resin insulator 12kV, L=130 mm, IVEP 12/A, (ПАМ10), Nyir-Mix Nyir-Mix
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