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Privacy and data protection policy

Contragent 35 EOOD respects the privacy of its customers, suppliers and partners and guarantees to the maximum possible level the protection of their personal data processed during and on the occasion of delivery of materials, performance of a service or other activities related to the company's activities.

The present Privacy Policy at Contragent 35 EOOD (Privacy Policy) is based on the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 about the protection of persons in connection with the processing of personal data and with the free movement of such data.

All changes and addendums to the Privacy Policy will be applied only after the publication on the website:

The Privacy Policy applies to your personal data if you are an individual or a representative of a legal entity that purchases products from us; uses a service provided by us; is our provider of a product or service; is our subcontractor; apply for a job in our company.

  1. Who processes and is responsible for your personal data

Contragent 35 EOOD is the company registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC 833055130, which collects, processes and stores your personal data under the terms of this Policy.

You can contact us at our legal address:

6000 Stara Zagora;

23, Voyvoda Stoyno Chernogorski Str.;

phone: +359 42 551 73


  1. What data, what purposes for and what legal basis on we process

2.1 Depending on the specific purposes and grounds, Contragent 35 EOOD processes the following data or part of them, alone or in combination:

three names, personal number, address, telephone and / or e-mail address for contact with you as an individual - customer, supplier, subcontractor or job applicant in Contragent 35 EOOD

three names, personal number, address, telephone and / or e-mail address for contact with you as a representative of a legal entity - client, supplier or subcontractor of Contragent 35 EOOD;

2.2. Purposes and legal basis for personal data processing:

  1. Necessary data processing for the conclusion or performance of a contract for the supply of a good or service. Contragent 35 EOOD processes your data for the following purposes:
    • Identification of a customer / supplier / contractor in: conclusion, amendment and termination of a contract for sale or delivery of goods / performance of services / performance of a site;
    • Updating your personal data on your request for correction / modification of data;

B) In fulfillment of its legal obligations, Contragent 35 EOOD processes your data for the following purposes:

    • proving the performed delivery / service-invoicing and accompanying documents issuance;
    • To perform tax and social security control by the relevant competent authorities;
    • Projects coordination;

C) Contragent 35 EOOD processes your data for the purposes of our following legitimate interests:

    • Providing offers for the purchase of goods or services according to your inquiry;
    • Analysis of customer history in order to determine a suitable offer for you with a stated desire for delivery;
    • Request an offer from you as a supplier or a representative of a supplier;
    • Sending a courier shipment with documents required before, during or after the conclusion of the contract;
    • Sending a courier shipment with goods;
    • Servicing and responding to customer complaints / inquiries / complaints;
    • Warranty and out-of-warranty service;
    • Certification of your, or the legal entity you represent, technical qualification or economic capabilities for execution of an order/ a project;
    • Certification of your, or the legal entity you represent, technical and qualification capabilities for maintenance of a supervised facility;
    • Certification of your presence and signing of protocols during conducting tests, approval or acceptance of materials and / or performed construction and installation works
    • Consideration of your application for a vacant position;
  1. Third parties who may receive your personal data:
    • Competent authorities, which by virtue of a normative act have the authority to require from Contragent 35 EOOD information, including personal data, such as - a Bulgarian court or a court of another state; National Revenue Agency; Consumer Protection Commission, etc.
    • Clients and/or Contracting Authorities for which you are our subcontractor or the legal entity that you represent / whose employee you are, is our subcontractor.
    • Our customers, suppliers or contracting authorities to whom we provide documents in which you have provided personal data, such as: references for good performance, translations of documents from a foreign language, documents proving technical or economic possibilities for order fulfilment.
    • Transport / courier companies in order to fulfil our contractual relations - for delivery of paper documents and / or purchased goods. The sending of documents or goods takes place only after your explicit consent;
  1. For how long your personal data is stored

The duration of storage of your personal data depends on the purposes of processing for which they were collected:

    • Personal data processed for the purpose of concluding and executing a contract for the supply of goods and / or providing a Service shall be stored for at least 5 years after the expiration of the contract and final settlement of all financial relations between the parties in order to fulfill all warranty and post-warranty conditions and protection in case of possible claims of clients in connection with performance / termination of contract;
    • Personal data processed for the purpose of issuing accounting / financial documents for the implementation of tax and social security control, such as but not limited to - invoices, debit, credit notices, handover protocols, shipping notes, etc. shall be kept for at least 5 years after the expiry of the limitation period for repayment of the public receivable, unless the applicable legislation provides for a longer period.
    • Contragent 35 EOOD may store some of your personal data for a longer period until the expiration of the statute of limitations in order to protect against any claims of customers in connection with the performance / termination of the contract, as well as for a longer period in case of a legal dispute that has already arisen in connection with the above until its final settlement by an effective court / arbitration award.
  1. What are your rights in connection with the processing of personal data by Contragent 35 EOOD

As our customer / supplier / subcontractor and regarding your personal data you have the following rights:

A) access your personal data. You can request from Contragent 35 EOOD information whether and for what purposes we process your personal data;

B) request that your personal data be corrected when they are inaccurate or need to be supplemented for the purposes of processing;

C) request that your personal data be deleted only in some of the following cases:

    • they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they are processed;
    • you have withdrawn the consent / objected to their processing and there is no other reason for their processing;
    • data processing is recognized as illegal;
    • national or European legislation requires it;

D) request that the processing of your personal data be restricted in any of the following cases:

    • when disputing the accuracy of your personal data for the period necessary for Contragent 35 EOOD to check the accuracy of the data;
    • Illegal processing has been detected, but you only want to limit the processing of your data, instead of deleting it;
    • you want your personal data to be stored, although Contragent 35 EOOD no longer needs them for processing purposes, as you will use them to establish, exercise or protect your legal claims;
    • in case of an objection made by you against the processing of your personal data for the term of the verification of its validity;

E) request the transfer of your personal data that affect you and that you have provided to us. Data transfer may only take place if such a technical possibility exists.

Contragent 35 EOOD will answer you within a reasonable time, but not longer than one month, whether it finds the same reasonable and respectively whether it will stop processing the relevant personal data for quoted purposes.

G) to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data when their processing is based on your consent

H) to send a complaint to the Commission for Personal Data Protection in case you believe that your rights in relation to the processing of your personal data have been violated.

This policy was last updated on May 21, 2018

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